Student Representation

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ICON college does not have students union at this moment, if any of our student is intereseed they can register with National Union of Students(NUS) at However we have Student Representative as the College views positive engagement with students as critically important and takes steps to engage all students as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience. 


Student Representation

The following principles apply for the election of the student representatives team to be involved with the various College Committees:

  • The number of student representative from each Course is proportionate to the number of students in that Course.
  • The student representatives that is elected will be based on meeting the 80% criteria for attendance; meeting 100% academic progression and demonstrating a commitment to the College.
  • A student representative will be elected as follows:
  • Students in each Course cohort will elect one representative, these representatives will sit on the Staff Student Liaison Panel (SSLP) for their respective Department/Faculty
  • The representatives from each SSLP will elect a number of representatives to form the College's Student Representative Team. The number to be elected will be on the basis of 1 per 50 students enrolled in the Department or Faculty.
  • The Student Representative Team will elect 8 members and an alternative for each to sit on the Colleges formal committees i.e. 1 student will sit on the AcB; 2 students will sit on the Teaching and Learning Resources Committee; 1 student from each of the 4 department or Faculty SSLPs will sit on the Student Affairs Committee; 1 student will sit on the Prevent Lead Team.
  • Each representative on a formal committee will have an alternative who will attend a meeting if the main representative is unavailable
  • E ach representative will be elected to a term of office to sit on a Committee for 1 year.
  • Each representative will sign an agreement with the College to indicate their commitment to the role
  • Each student representative will be reimbursed for the loss of income and transportation cost in relation to attending the meetings. At the end of their membership, all student representatives will receive a token of appreciation for their overall performance and commitment.
  • All student representatives will receive a certificate to acknowledge their contribution to the College activities.
  • Prior to carrying out the duties of student representative, each student representative will be given formal training.
  • Membership as a student representative is dedicated to a policy of equal opportunities and does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, disability, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.



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